Are Chatbots on Their Way to Being the New Normal?

Partha Chandran
26.10.18 06:28 AM Comment(s)

So far, chatbots have already proved their worth in:

  • Providing 24/7 seamless and monitored services to the user

  • Making the interactions cost effective due to minimal or no human involvement

Moreover, the AI enabled Chabot is anticipated to be a potential tool to furnish the industries with advantages such as:

Automated interactions: Connected with the backend, chatbots can automate predefinedprocesses and even transactions. For example, after responding to initial inquiries, the travel chatbot can directly navigate the user to the relevant booking page where the user can complete the entire booking process.

Future positioning: A chatbot with a pleasing personality that can drive the brand value is a must have feature to stay tuned with current trends as well as to avail future positioning.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Customer experience is all about how customers perceive their interactions with the organization during their entire customer journey. Chatbots can be a significant part of a carefully crafted customer experience strategy. In fact, AI bots provide personalized, to the point, and relevant information that makes customer onboarding a quick and delightful experience.

Overall, the chatbot success factor is all about the bot's capability to hold smart, interactive, and helpful conversation.

Chatbot-to-System Integration for Seamless Interactions

The chatbot must be connected with a backend system in order to provide personalized or transactional interactions. In general, enterprise backend systems are kind of integrated solutions made of multiple systems "seamlessly talking to one another.

These integrated systems have their own abundance of data, data processing powers, and infrastructural capabilities. Moreover, enterprises prefer Omnichannel bots to cater maximum users. In such a scenario,flawless integrations utilizing efficient Channel Adaptors and APIs are prime requirements to deliver relevant user experience.

Finally, Artificial intelligence is not a magic but a science. When a perfectly developed bot architecture aligned with well thought of functional and conversational design strategies keeps learning from the customer interactions, it evolves as a much rewarding technology tool. Additionally, such a bot needs to be enhanced from time to time to cope with changing trends of the times, technology, and the market.

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