Online SaaS (Software As a Service) Applications like Zoho CRM, QuickBooks etc, and other similar applications for various business functions play a key role in having a streamlined business process and reduced manual intervention. In order to achieve this, the applications have to work in an integrated manner. All SaaS applications by default work in a stand-alone mode unless they are connected through programming. Application vendors provide interfaces (called APIs) to facilitate integrations between one or more applications which involves manual effort. 

If you are an Organization using multiple SaaS Applications, it is critical to harness the ability of connected business applications to gather insightful data about your business for decision making. If you realize this need exists for your business, you are in the right place. We at dot2Globe are working to ease this challenge with our 'INCOX' integration platform which provides a 'Ready-to-use', 'Easy to use' and 'Self-serving' platform to connect your business applications in a plug n play fashion.


“To ease the challenge of SaaS Application Integration for customers by offering a technology platform that simplifies the integration process through self-service


‘dot2Globe’ is a boot-strapped Organization embarked on a mission to develop a platform for simplifying the integration of Online Cloud Applications using AI technologies.                                                                                                                      

It is head-quartered in Chennai, South India with a regional presence in Bangalore. The birth of dot2Globe occurred when two like-minded colleagues with two decades of IT experience wanted to pursue an entrepreneurial journey to do something that is impactful and at the same time is meaningful with their background.

                                                                                                                                                Global exposure and wider areas of expertise across several of IT functions (like IT Consulting & Strategy, Automation, Program Management, Service delivery and Operations) enables dot2Globe as a strong technical, process and value driven organization. 

Prior to it’s incorporation in India, the founders have an experience of providing consulting solutions to the small and medium businesses (SMBs) across the globe.

Below are the three areas which dot2Globe considers are the ways to transpire value to its customer acquaintances

"Recommend Solutions that fit’s the customer context, size and budget"

"We aim to provide solutions that has an added value to customer’s business"

"We ensure ease of working relationship and dependability through our Customer First Attitude"